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You and Your Family are Valuable

You and your family are more valuable to one another than can adequately be put into words, and that relationship is the foundation of all of the Infinite Legacy℠ Planning we do, whether for personal or business purposes. Your assets are the result of your relationships, values, and knowledge, which are far more useful to those you leave behind than the assets alone.  We do our best work for families who want to ensure that their surviving spouse or other heirs are appropriately educated, equipped and empowered with an Infinite Legacy℠ Plan that guides them in becoming stewards of the family’s assets, knowledge, and beliefs.

Your Legacy is Valuable

Our Four-Step Infinite Legacy℠ Planning Process will help you identify and protect what is most valuable to you and your family.  Our Infinite Legacy℠ and Companion Legal℠ Programs then educate, equip, and empower your family and other heirs to carry out your Infinite Legacy℠ Plan while preserving your values and strengthening those relationships.

Your Time is Valuable

We offer a free confidential Infinite Legacy℠ Planning Session for your family or your business. Our Infinite Legacy℠ Planning Session is an in-depth exploration of the relationships and assets important to your family or business. These meaningful discussions will result in concrete action steps for protecting your family, your business and your Infinite Legacy℠. We do all of this on your time schedule at one of our offices in Grandville or Muskegon or at your place of business or home if you are unable to make it to one of our offices.  Please call us at 800-667-5291 to schedule your free Infinite Legacy℠ Planning Session today.

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