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  • Planning for Vacation Homes

    If you have a cottage or lake house in your family, and you want to make sure that it transfers to the next generation successfully, give us a call today to schedule a strategy session with one of our attorneys to make sure that the plan you put in place actually works. Call us atView Post

    Estate Planning for Business Properties

    I get asked a lot, “how do I keep my business properties or rental properties in the family after I’m gone?” The best way to protect your business properties is to start your estate planning as soon as possible. Protect your rental property with these strategies. Call us at (800)View Post

    Designating Someone to Manage Health Care

    West Michigan Estate Planning Attorney Shawn Eyestone discusses the importance of how to determine who you will designate to manage your healthcare. If you would like to schedule an estate plan review and strategy session with one of our experienced estate planning attorneys, pleaseView Post

    Why You Should Work with an Estate Planning Attorney

    Our own Shawn Eyestone along with several other nationally known estate planning attorneys answer that question in this video, which is excerpt from an upcoming nationally televised special on estate planning that is expected to air in February, 2021.View Post

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