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  • Why You Should Work with an Estate Planning Attorney

    Our own Shawn Eyestone along with several other nationally known estate planning attorneys answer that question in this video, which is excerpt from an upcoming nationally televised special on estate planning that is expected to air in February, 2021.View Post

    The Difference Between a Will and a Trust

    Estate Planning Attorney Shawn Eyestone explains the difference between a will and a trust. Wills are just instructions to the probate court and all but guaranty your family gets to go through the probate court process. A trust creates a separate legal entity, sort of like your ownView Post

    Why You Need an Estate Plan for You and Your Children

    Estate Planning Attorney Shawn Eyestone why parents of minor children should have an estate plan for themselves as well as for their children. He discusses concepts such as guardians, conservators, parental delegation, and funding your children’s care and education if you become disabled.View Post

    Why You Should Work with Us

    Estate Planning Attorney Shawn Eyestone talks about building relationships with clients and their families over time to ensure that estate plans work and are kept up to date. We are not a “one and done” shop, so if that is what you are looking for, we are not going to be a good fitView Post

    Minor Protection Plan

    Estate Planning Attorney Shawn Eyestone discusses the process of protecting your minor children through estate planning to make sure your children do not end up in limbo if something should happen to you or your childcare provider.View Post

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