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Small Business Legal Services
Nearly every small business runs into at least one legal hurdle each year; some of the more commonly faced issues are:

Risk Management

Most of these problems may be settled fairly easily, but many small business owners do not have a relationship with a small business lawyer to address them as they arise.  For many small businesses, the main role of a business attorney is simply to help prioritize which legal issues should be addressed given the business’s budget and risk tolerance, and which can be ignored or put off to a later date.

We make recommendations for what can be done within your budget but also point out the risks involved in delaying other actions.  We help many family-owned small businesses gauge the risk of the actions they want to take and then take action to protect against unacceptable risks.  In most cases, our services can be scaled to the size of the transaction and risk tolerance, so that you are able to set a budget for the what you would like to accomplish.

Business Contract Law

For most businesses, having a good contract or other document in place makes future disputes or other legal issues easier and less costly to handle.  At that time, having a clearly written contract that spells out your own expectations of the arrangement often is the key to quickly resolving these disputes.

man wearing a suit sitting in a table showing a contract and wheThat being said, if you are dealing with someone who is not trustworthy, sometimes no contract or precautions are ever going to be enough to protect your interests.  Sometimes it is just better to move on to the next opportunity.  A quick call to your business attorney is often all it takes to check your instincts and avoid a potentially bad transaction.

Free Initial Consultations

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