Remembering Our Veterans

Remembering Our Veterans

Free Service to Honor Those Who Served for Us

Bob Eyestone circa 1964

Thank you to all of our active service people and veterans who have served our country.  Another thank you to the parents, spouses, and children of these veterans and active service members who have made their own sacrifices to enable their loved ones to defend our freedom.  All of you are heroes, and you can never be thanked enough.
No Veterans Day has gone by without me feeling a heart-swelling of pride for those in my family who served this country.  My father, Bob Eyestone, and my mother’s brother, Jim Plutschuck, both served in the Army.  My brother, Ken Eyestone, served in the Marines. My Grandfather, also Bob Eyestone, served in the Navy.  My Uncle Jack Eyestone and his son Barry Eyestone both served in the Air Force.  My cousin, David Childress served, too.
Oliver Eyestone
Muskegon County World War II Memorial

My Grandfather’s younger brother and my great-uncle, Oliver Eyestone, gave his life flying a B-24 mission over the Adriatic Sea on August 24, 1944 at age 23.  His sister and my great- Aunt Joyce Dulyea lost her son Barry Dulyea in the Vietnam War.  My mother also lost her cousin, Paul Domke in the Vietnam War.  I am certain nearly every family in this country has similar stories of service, pride, loss, and honor.
L. Robert Eyestone Gravestone
Sam, Oliver and Bobby: Cleaning up Grandpa’s grave site

In my life, I’ve done a few things to honor these men and to try to instill that same gratitude in my kids.  I named my first-born son, Oliver, to keep that family name alive.  I also named my youngest son, Bobby, after my father, brother, and grandfather.  While not named after any of these men, my son Sam became eternally linked to my father, when he died on Sam’s first birthday, November 1, 2006 from complications fighting a very aggressive cancer.  When I have taken my family to the World War II and Vietnam Memorials in Washington, D.C., the battlefields of Gettysburg, and other war memorials or museums, I always try to relate at least one story of how these men, our family and others, all sacrificed for our country.
As much as I try to honor all of our veterans and men and women in active duty, I know that I will fall short of truly appreciating the sacrifices that were made and continue to be made every day.  However, I will keep trying by extending some of my own service to these men and women.  Beginning today, Veterans Day 2014, I will provide every veteran or active service person with either a free Michigan Statutory Will and Health Care Patient Advocate Document (a $295 value) or I will provide a one-time credit in that amount against any other estate planning services that they decide to purchase from me for themselves or their families.
If you would like more information about this new program or to schedule a consultation, please call our office at 800.667.5291.

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