Lawyer Jokes at Random Intervals: Dealing with Unreturned Phone Calls

Lawyer Jokes at Random Intervals: Dealing with Unreturned Phone Calls

The Phone Call

phone call

Plaintiff’s personal injury litigator Gary Golddigger has been both feared and hated by the members of the bar in Muskegon, Michigan for nearly all of his 37 years of his career.  He collected nearly $1,000,000,000 from Muskegon businesses and non-profits during that time period, many times simply by wearing down the other side’s attorney or insurance company.  Lots of times he simply never returns phone calls to opposing counsel, his clients, or even the courts.

Gordy Goodguy is also a Muskegon lawyer, businessman, and philanthropist who has suffered as defense counsel and even as a defendant in a good number of these law suits both for his businesses and for his charities.  Mr. Goodguy feels he has been unfairly targeted by Mr. Golddigger in a recent case and calls to confront him about it, because Gordy thinks Golddigger is suing him solely as a publicity stunt.  When the receptionist answers, he says “This is Gordy Goodguy, may I please speak to Mr. Golddigger about the Goodguy, Inc. wrongful termination case he filed last week?”

The receptionist replies, “I’m sorry but he died two days ago, and no one in Muskegon is taking his cases.”

Gordy says, “Oh,” and hangs up.

The next day Gordy phones Golddigger’s office again and asks the same exact question.

The receptionist replies, “I told you yesterday, he died three days ago. ”  She then slams down the receiver.

The third day, Gordy calls yet again again and asks to speak to Mr. Golddigger.

By this time the receptionist is getting is extremely annoyed and says, “Mr. Goodguy, I keep telling you that he died four days ago.  Why do you keep calling? “

Gordy says, “Because I just love hearing you say that.  Talk to you tomorrow!”

**A special thank you to my step-daughter, Katelyn Millett, for the great artwork.**

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