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Business Planning Attorneys in Michigan Recommend Living Trusts

Michigan business attorneys see again and again how folks underappreciate just what they can do to protect their businesses through estate planning.  After spending years building a solid business, it should almost go without saying that you want to protect what you’ve created.  One way to do this is to create a living trust.View Post

The Ins and Outs of Earnouts

Buying or Selling a Michigan Small Business.

What is an Earnout?For Lease  Commercial Space

An earnout is a portion of the purchase price that is held back by the buyer or placed in escrow contingent upon the business remaining successful after the acquisition.View Post

The Devil Is in the Details

Does your estate plan work the way you think it works?

Are you sure what your estate plan says?  Could you put your wishes into your own words?  Would they match up with what your will or trust directs?  Why all of the questions?View Post

Michigan Liquor License Laws

Buying or Selling a Liquor License

liquorIf you are seeking a liquor license in the state of Michigan, the process can be very complex as Michigan has one of the most dynamic liquor control laws in the nation. Eyestone Law Offices PLC can help you work through the process for liquor license acquisition, transfers, and adding or removing owners or permits.View Post

Protecting Intellectual Property

Trademark Laws 101 – Part 1

A trademark is one aspect of a business’s “brand,” or how people distinguish the products of one business from those of another.  A trademark is generally a name or logo, which can consist of one or more letters, words, symbols, figures, or marks.  A service mark is essentially the same as a trademark; however it is used when selling services as opposed to goods.  It is also important to understand that a trade name, although similar to a trademark, is only used to represent the name of the organization and does not carry the same statutory protections as a trademark.  For example Coca-Cola® is a trademark of the beverage and Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc. is the trade name of the organization.

View Post

Start or Buy a Business in Ten Steps

Over 90% of businesses are family-owned small businesses, which are started every day by people just like you.  Early and flexible planning are the keys to a successful business start-up in Michigan.  In this blog post, I have provided ten brief steps that every entrepreneur should go through before launching a new business or buying into an existing business or franchise.  When you get to step four, please contact me to schedule a free initial consultation.View Post

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