Small Business Planning


Serving as Your General Counsel

As a practical matter, most businesses develop an on-going relationship with a transactional attorney, which is similar to a large corporation’s in-house general counsel.   Most interactions between businesses and lawyers involve transactions, such as contracts, buying or selling goods, hiring independent contractors, or reviewing state or federal licensing or compliance issues.  In providing these services, we work with management as well as the sales, marketing, and accounting personnel or advisors for the business. For smaller businesses, this may just be a meeting of your lawyer, your accountant, and owners of your business.

While our firm specializes in business transactions, we also help you negotiate settlements or workouts short of litigation when those situations arise.  We are a valuable resource in selecting the business litigator that best suits your industry, your pending litigation, and your budget.

Business Man And His Team

Free Initial Consultations

Communication with your business lawyer is vital, which is why we have removed a major impediment to working with a lawyer by charging no fees for initial consultations on new matters, even with existing clients. So if Eyestone Law Offices, PLC sets up your limited liability company this month, you are our client and can call us anytime for another initial consultation on any new matter, such as the potential merge of your company with another firm or the hiring of your first employee. We have found that addressing small matters without charge often empowers our clients to make better decisions more quickly and improve their businesses, which is good for everyone. This open-door policy enables our clients to keep us involved with their businesses without the fear of being charged for every five minute “gut-check” phone call.

Please contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss how we can help your business.